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Earth is in trouble. Sending a distress guitar signal to Planet x to get help.

Supernatural Gears Mission:
Exposing demonic elements by harnessing the super powers of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES exposing the Luciferian Virus as it moves in secrecy through Alien and Human societies throughout the Milky Way and across the Universe in the coming of the perfect paranormal storm, “The Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.’ The all seeing eye.”

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Lenny Wiles Lionstar GALAXY BANDSTAND _ Supernatural Minstrel Gear vLOGaSphere

Lenny Wiles Lionstar GALAXY BANDSTAND 2022. Listen to songs from out of this world as the Supernatural Minstrel Gears begin the Countdown from 2022 to the year 2028 when they will play the final number one song across the Milky Way throughout the entire Universe for all the Galaxy World’s to hear. It’s gonna be Fun!

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supernatural gears music minstrels

Countdown to Singularity 2028 Doomsday Clock

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About the supernatural gears countdown to 2028 Singularity at 12 midnight on the doomsday clock

Countdown to singularity 2028 “Trance of the Monarch Butterfly”

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Lenny C Llionstar The Cedar Valley Minstrel Of HeavenCan, Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism Musician n’ The Hillbillies Of The Universe

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The Supernatural Minstrel Gears are now turning. Enter the Ancient Blood Moon Song Vault. Out world songs thousand years old to modern Earth times. Siren Singers Supernatural Minstrel Gear recordings. Listen follow to 12 midnight New Years 2028. Doomsday Clock ticks. Music will guide prepare you keep you informed.

Supernatural Storm Surge Waves and Conspiracies are surrounding the HEXbelt Region of Pennsylvania (PennSYLTranceSYLVania)

Humans are made from the dust of stars. Some call that star God. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears are born from the Music Of the Spheres a cosmic order known as the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. Their mission is to expose demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in lifeform, Alien and Human societies throughout the Universe as summoned by Methuselah. Currently Supernatural Gears and Siren Singers are showing up in HEX County Pennsylvania. Preparing for the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm and the Countdown to Singularity to occur in 2028 when artificial intelligence and the NWO tries to gain access to the Fermion Parasite routes leading to the realm of the inteligent star and of all knowledge. The Minstrel Gears use the supernatural tuning wave of 432 kz oppose to 440 kz. The Nazis managed to get the world to switch to 440. That tuning can be used for demonic and mind control which you see the Nazi 4th Reich using now. The Gears will begin to counteract with their Siren Songs tuned to the healing wave 432. Supernatural Gear Vlogcast The Perfect Paranormal Storm is approaching to hit Earth in HEX county Pennsylvania. Scheduled to hit in 2028. 2028 is also the same year A.I. artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. The year A.I. will try and access the paranormal Fermion route. The route to all lifeforms consciousness throughout the Universe. And some believe to the knowledge and power of the Intelligent Star. An ancient star that is older than the Universe. The Methuselah Star.

Meet The Supernatural Gears

The Celestial Green Supernatural Gears sometimes referred to as Cosmic CyberModsters and Traveling Supernatural Troubadour Gears are paranormal music supersonic music sound cogs performing on a cosmic supernatural paranormal spiritual stage a planetary system wheel. Music sometimes moving faster than the speed of sound. Spinning cogs on a cosmic turning wheel known as the Music Of The Spheres. The Music of the Spheres dates back to the formation of the Universe and the beginning of time. The Secret Of The Stars. Supernatural Minstrels, Humans, Aliens and Lifeforms from across the Universe come from these Spheres on a mission across the universe exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in planetary societies such as those on Earth. Currently The Minstrel Gears are traveling to Hex County in Pennsylvania on Planet Earth which is ground Zero for the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm hurling through space with strange powerful storm clouds forming and growing stronger as the storm approaches Earth. And for the Countdown to 2028 which is when Artificial Intelligence A.I. will surpass human intelligence. Meet The Supernatural Gears The Secret Of The Stars [

Lenny llionstar the cedarvalley minstrel of heavencan and Jakob Lemy Zook the amish exorcism musician

Lionstar along with his doppelganger Jakob Lemy Zook currently travels with the Amish exorcism guitarist and Siren Singers, Supernatural Minstrel Gears throughout the Pennsylvania outback in the Hexbelt region of York County Pennsylvania one of the most paranormal regions in the world. They dismantle Hex spells while traveling with the psychic buzzard scout and soothsayer Ethal the Buzzard Demon Fisher and sometimes with Siren Singers of the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild from Snowfire’s Garden of Cosmos, Singing Siren Angels summoned to the Hexbelt region for the coming Perfect Paranormal storm soon to hit Hex County. Exorcising Hex spells left over cast by the Reptilian Warlock Witch Drac Nelson Rehmeyer and the Reptilian shape shifting Drac Nellie Noll the River Witch of Marietta in the region going back to the 1920’s. Nellie is currently going by the name Rosie Red Lips and has become a Master Trancer for the Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan. She was once one of the greatest Supernatural Gear Siren Singers for the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild.

Llionstar was born into a Dairy farm family Hex County York Pennsylvania. He is the doppelganger of Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism musician from a cloned Parallel Universe. Both were abducted as boys while growing up on farms. Lionstar in the Hexbelt region York County and Jakob in Amish Lancaster Pennsylvania. Both were abducted by Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death who was going by the name Dr. Green who drove a small Green Foreign German Car. He would take them to a secret underground military facility for eugenics and mind control experiments by rogue doctors in a secret government program known as Project Monarch.

Llionstar found himself locked in a cage in a room full of iron cages with children in them abducted from around the world. Missing children. Cages were stacked on top of each other stacked high to the ceiling in a vast underground facility with rogue doctors doing experiments on the child victims. Having children kill other children in the cages and other horrible acts of violence as they were under mind control experimentation. Llionstar was put in a cage with a boy named Billy and a girl named Mary. Llionstar eventually escaped the cage and vowed to come back to get Mary. While escaping with the help of a soldier as he was leaving he looked back and saw Mary through the window of Josef Mengele medical experimentation room.

Josef Mengele going by the name Dr. Green is still alive living in Lancaster Pa with his two sons. He looks to be in his 20’s. He developed the youth eternal life drug Adrenochrome and the mind control drug Shocking Blue made from the Devil’s Breath plant known as Burundanga.

Adrenochrome is being made in underground facilities in Hex County and being driven through the area in super fast cars by Dracs and the Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan like moonshine runners. Adrenochrome Runners.

Blackie Drac 6Th Sector non blood drinking Reptilian Vampire Drac. Paranormal Guitar Maker and sound engineer for The Supernatural Minstrel Gears and Siren Singers.

Psychedelic Rock n roll phantasm Song Vault

Strange drugs were made from experiments on these young abducted children in Germany during and after the war. Over 800 Nazi Scientist’s were brought to America after World War ll and many were involved in the Project. The underground operation was located underneath the military base at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland with tunnels extending to the Mental Institution at Harrisburg and surrounding area. Tunnels through Hex county extending to the secret Military base at Raven Rock.

Both Llionstar and Jakob along with their families were tranced by the drug Burundanga during these abductions and when returned home no one had any memory of Lionstar or Jakob’s disappearance from the doppelganger regions of their Parallel Earths.

Both Llionstar and Jakob escaped the cage helped by a soldier who was later executed. Llionstar and Jakob were found wondering in the woods and Jakob was found and taken in by an Amish family. Llionstar lost memory of where he was and woke up in his late teens back on the farm wondering what the hell happened and where had he been all those years. Because of the experiments and through a divine intervention he began to have strange memories of a world. A strange cosmic and spiritual supernatural world. A world in the Paranormal regions of Space. Both Jakob and Llionstar learned that they were sent to parallel earth locations on a mission and both belonged to an ancient traveling minstrel group. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. John Lennon belonged to the Guild and was sent to Earth traveling the Reincarnation Route to be born and to join the rock pop group the Beatles. A Guerrilla Minstrel summoned by the Intelligent Star to try and change the culture of the human race with songs of peace and love and warnings of tragicomic things to come through the infinite Parallel Universes. The Guild extends back millions of years dating back to the Creation to the beginning of the Universe. The Big Bang. A Guild formed when the solar system formed. From the spinning planets came the Music Of The Spheres. The sound of music being performed constantly be played by the ancient celestial instruments constantly being performed by the rotating sounds of the planets. FREE download FREE use Celestial Cruiser song Instrumental There is an approaching strange supernatural storm coming as told to the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. The Perfect Paranormal Storm. FREE song download FREE use Perfect Paranormal Storm. A supernatural storm surge will soon strike earth. It’s sound waves emitting a supernatural wave force which will begin merging Parallel Universes together. Their is a conspiracy currently taking place on Earth in it’s doppelganger Earth regions. A conspiracy coming from the New World Order, 9th sector Reptilian Dracs and the Haarp wave unit in Alaska. A grand opera will soon be performed in a Paranormal Opera known as the Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly with other Supernatural Gears and Siren Singers from the Cosmos Garden in the Angel Nation Snowfires Comos Sector. Currently coming to HEX county. The legendary John the Balladeer the Supernatural Minstrel Gear is traveling to the region also on the Parasite Fermion route traveling down the Extraterrestrial Highway. John the Balladeer was a fictional character in Sci Fi stories. But, in the real world he was traveling with Lionstar and his doppelganger Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism musician throughout Appalachian as cloaked minstrels for the Guild many years back. The Supernatural Gears will perform in a grand opera in a supernatural battle of the bands. Supernatural songs passed down through the centuries kept a secret vault…. The ancient Blood Moon Song Vault. Sound waves spinning from the Music of the Spheres and the Gears and Siren Singers against sound waves of the Haarp Beast which will determine the fate of the Human race and whether the Universe will decline into nothingness. Except for the realm of Hell lead by Luciferian Virus Master the fallen Angel Lucifer and the Bloodline elites of the NWO. The New World Cosmic Order. Two Parallel Universes colliding into each other. The New World Order of the Blood Line psychopathic Luciferian rulers are in the process of Human and Alien species depopulation using Chemplanes to release Chemtrail spray from the sky. Poisons and mass mind control drug extracts such as Adrenochrome and the most powerful trancer drug, “Shocking Blue” made from Burundanga the Devil’s Breath Plant. The Commander in Chief of the NWO Chemplane force is a notorious 9th Sector Reptilian female Vampire Drac who was given the name Chemtrail Jane. The NWO Bloodlines, the rich elites and Reptilian Vampire Dracs take an antidote to not be poisoned or caught in a suicide spell released unknowing by the public that they are slowly being poisoned and mind controlled summoned to do unspeakable acts of hatred towards each other. The elimination of the most hated by Lucifer and the NWO bloodlines. The worthless Humans referred to as “Eaters” is underway. As the political gates of Hell are being opened again opening with help from the Reptilian Dracula’s and paranormal forces for Adolf Hitlers dream of a Fascist Bloodline Dictatorial using forces of hate, torture and control to usher in a new age of super evil. Hitler was one of the Antichrist shape shifting Lizard Dracs.

New World order Blood Lines | Download song Illusion confusion

The Supernatural Gears will confront this super evil using non-lethal warfare techniques and supernatural forces humans have never seen before. The Reptilian Dracs now control the U.S. Congress using imposters on Cable TV with shape shifting Vampire Dracs that look like leaders once there. They have been removed and dissolved in a notorious Drac dissolving acid from the Luciferian executioner known as Stevie the Dissolver. Bodies put in Stevies Acid Tub located in florida. Washington D.C. has been renamed Luciferington D.C. by the Russian Reptilian Vampire Dracs. They hope to harness the coming power of the Perfect Paranormal Storm and the Parallel collision to build their evil cosmic empire within all realms of existence throughout the Universe and into the Spiritual and unknown regions of the eternal cosmos with the Antichrist Reptilian Orange Carrot Puppet and the Russian Reptilian Dictator Lutin the Novichok Nerve Agent Poison Chef in Charge of this new Celestial Mob Syndicate extending into Outer Space driven by the super gears of the Luciferian Occult. A.I. artificial intelligence is gaining knowledge fast and surpass human knowledge by 2028 in what is known as the Singularity. The knowledge that was first released during the Apple incident in Eden. And will soon know all that there is to know in the Universe. The NWO ( New World Order ) wants to control this A.I. knowledge and combine it with the super power force of the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm when all these supernatural and this Singularity interact. Taking control of all that is by pushing out the Intelligent Star who made the Universe and all that ever was and is. A Luciferian Virus has been released upon the human world. America will soon become a Nation of the Damned. Welcome to the New Cosmic World Order. ENTER the strange operatic realm of the Supernatural Gear VLOGAsphereLenny Wiles Lionstar the Cedar Minstrel of Heavencan Supernatural Minstrel Gear. “The Supernatural Gears ancient order of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. Exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in society.” – Lenny C. Lionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan of the Blood Moon Music Minstrel Guild. See Ganti Bumble Bee Aliens….

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Countdown To Signalarity Lenny C. Llionstar

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Follow the Journey of the Paranormal Supernatural Gear Minstrels and Alien Siren Singers of HEX county Pennsylvania. Members of the ancient and futuristic Blood Moon Minstrel Guild as they perform their strange music from the mysterious magic song vault. Along with Lenny C. Llionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan and Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism Guitarist they through the strange HEXBELT region of York County PennSYL-TranceSYL-Vania as they prepare for the the coming Of

The Perfect Paranormal Storm

The Perfect Paranormal Storm APPARITION CITY NEWS TRIBUNE BREAKING NEWS! The Perfect Paranormal Storm, a cosmic catastrophic supernatural event is confirmed now and scheduled to hit Earth when the Doomsday Clock strikes 12 midnight New Years eve 2028. True? The Blood Moon Guild Soothsayers and their Quantum Mechanic Supernatural Gear Scientists have confirmed and has warned to Prepare for the impact! Stay tuned in, with the Gears…. Make no mistake this storm is coming as it is on its way now!…… Ground Zero impact will be HEX county then its gale force paranormal storm surge wave will spread and roll around the world. When the wave hits earth the world will go dark then turn PITCH BLACK. You may want to make up a bucket list of things to do now. Surviving this brutal violent cosmic surge will take supernatural skills and power most don’t have. Those who do not hold the 18 digit survival gear cooridance to board the Bumble Bee Ganti Starship waiting at the Apollo Park in Brogue to travel to Keplar 22-B will be left behind and will melt into the wave taken to a place still unknown maybe to perish or to be transformed into something else unknown at this time. DARKNESS BEFORE PITCH BLACK, FREE song download. FREE use commercial or personal. Attribution Required. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar,

Strange Reptilian Clown Dracs running through cornfields and peoples backyards and knocking on doors in York Hex County during the month October especially around Halloween. See Jakobs Diary Log Entry

FREE Chemtrail Jane song download. On their final abduction they woke up and found themselves in a cage with other children stacked high to the ceiling from all around the world. They were in a cage with a boy name Billy and a girl named Mary.

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FREE song downloads FREE use commercial or personal. Attribution Required. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar

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FREE song and video downloads. FREE use under Creative Commons License. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar, Or, make a donation to Doctors Without Borders a charity the Supernatural Gears support. There is no higher calling in life than that of doctors going into war zones and helping people in need of medical care. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus healing people and not asking for anything in return except to get healthy – Lionstar

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Music recorded at Gear 51 Studios

Mastering at Electrogenesis Dirt Floor Studios

Live Performances at The Brother Sirius Zomba Room

Musical SY FY, FANTASY & HORROR Space Opera. Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm based on true stories and events

It’s Evil Wicked Mean and Nasty – Steppenwolf

I’m just expressing myself into a musical cosmic muse. Supernatural Gear Signals

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I perform in make believe that I’m traveling through the infinite universe passing endless planets, stars, galaxies and lifeforms I’ve never seen before. I close my eyes and hang my head high while playing cosmic guitar leads at a gig as I visualize pretend I’m on that journey. My guitar leads my vocals the original songs I play become my starship as I feel like I’m riding through the universe while air guitar players stand in front of me playing with me on stage travel with me through the universe. Fun! Fun! Fun! Music is beautiful. Keep the Rock Rolling! 12 midnight New Years 2028 here we come! Get ready for the Paranormal Storm Surge! Lenny Lionstar, Supernatural Gear, Traveling Paranormal Troubadour of the ancient Blood Moon Music Minstrel Guild song vault

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