Little Drummer Boy Song – Merry Christmas Everyone!
SPACE OPERA. Jakobs Diary, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.”
Little Drummer Boy Theme Song:
The Beat Goes On Little Drummer Boy The Beat Goes On. FREE song download. FREE use……Enter the song vault to receive song…
commercial or personal. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar,
Song from the cyberspace LP GOING MUTANT.
Song recorded by Lenny Lionstar n Marshmello Angel Popsickles
Jakobs Diary Log Entry: drum987611/22
I’m scheduled to meet up with the Little Drummer Boy at the mysterious Brogue Church in Hex County. He is traveling through the reincarnation route which is also used as a Time Travel tunnel for the Gears.
He was summoned to this area by the Intelligent Star as the Supernatural Minstrel Gears prepare for the Perfect Paranormal Storm Surge.
He will lead the way playing the drum beat during the surge as the Haarp Microwave machine in Alaska begins to sing it’s grand mind control Opera written by a Bloodline Russian NWO Reptilian 9th sector Drac as we counteract with Supernatural Gears by deflecting the waves in a grand electro musical opera which will play around the world known as the “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” Earths Parallel with the human race. Doppelgangers will merge in our current timeline in a Parallel Universe cosmic meger. The Human race will then see themselves their doppelgangers see themselves as they really are. Like looking into a mirror at oneself as oneself looks back. Will they like what they see. A new Human consciousness is coming in with the storm surge a cosmic change is coming.
The first Object has made its way here from the center of the Universe. The Oumuamua Space Rock. It’s giving off a strange Oumuamua wave which is paving the pathway for the supernatural storm surge to hit Earth.
I’ve known the Little Drummer since the Dark Ages. He traveled with the Supernatural Gears as a member of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild as a drummer boy. Leading the way as we went through towns in Europe ravaged by the Black Death caused by the Reptilian Dracs in the first use of Germ Warfare on Earth to drive the Black Drac Death out and the Reptilians mostly from Russian from feeding off the black death and drinking the blood of victims as they lay helpless.
Eventually after years of music exorcism the Minstrel Gears captured the virus and placed in Quarantine in the Celestial Lake Of Fire. This virus is not normal. It is an exotic supernatural Drac plague which the Dracs were immune from as well as the Blood Moon Minstrels. They have an antidote which their chemists developed and the Blood Moons gained access to.
I was never told the real name of the Little Drummer Boy and he is silent on his origins. Some believe he comes from Snowfires Cosmos sector. An ancient minstrel song was written long ago about him. A Christmas song about him called The Little Drummer Boy which was passed down through thousands of years throughout the cosmos eventually making it’s way to Earth the song we now hear every Christmas. Passed down to Katherine Kennicott Davis who made it a popular song for Christmas. The song is believed to date back to an Angel in Snowfires Comos Garden over three Trillion Years ago.
He eventually traveled through time along the reincarnation route and ended up as a Drummer Boy in Gettysburg where he drove Dracs away who came in from Europe during the bloody battle. Driving the Dracs from wounded soldiers at night using a cloaked drum beat. The Dracs were going out into the battlefield at night and drinking the blood of Soldiers as they lay crying out in the Battlefields in the darkness of the night. The Reptilian Dracs, the shape shifting Dracula’s from the Draconian constellation many settled along Lincoln highway the road leading to Gettysburg from the city of York in Hex County.
The Little Drummer Boy was in Pickets charge when a Cannon Ball hit him and he was killed and transformed back into his spiritual form many believe sent back to his orgin in Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos.
Currently he is making a journey back to ground zero for the Perfect Paranormal Storm a ground zero hit here in Hex County. He is coming back through the Celestial tunnel located in the Celestial green forest where I will meet him at the mysterious Guison Church. Many Flower children from San Franciso during the Summer Of Love found their way to this mystical cloaked supernatural region in New Eden Pa. Now calling themselves Celestial Flower Child’s. I will meet the Drummer Boy along with Gus Bodine Trapsworth. Gus is a Supernatural Gear Minstrel believed to have written the song Lady Greensleeves. When asked about it. He always says he doesn’t want to talk about it so I leave it alone. Count Zadar Von Liquid Ot the Reptilian 6th sector hybrid Nephilim human Drac the non-blood drinking Dracs is the sound engineer for Chromium Liquid Ot Electrogenesis Studios and Mysterious Fog Recordings for the Guild will also travel with me to meet the Little Drummer Boy. The Supernatural Gears are now turning across the Universe. World of Earth if your listening prepare yourselves for the impact…… Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism Guitarist
Enter the ancient Blood Moon Song Vault…….. ………
Lionstar Operatic Graphic Novel COMIX
Supernatural Gears
Enter the mysterious Blood Moon Minstrel Vault


Their sitting here some lookin very miserable
Down here at the local military watering hole
Havin a drink with Blackie Drac I must be a fool
Every now and then someone lites up a bowl

And the beat goes on
Little Drummer boy drum beat goes on
Pushing him to be a
Pschopathic pleasure killing psychopathic killing whore
The Rich get them fightin mostly farm boys and the poor
Making them think there is a reason they should fight the psycho rich mans war

Psychopaths down at the local blood bank bar
Hangin out with Blackie Drac
Who the hell you are
If they knew who I was I’d be gone
Fermented in a barrel 90 proof blood bank strong

And the beat goes on
Little Drummer boy beat goes on
Psychopathic pleasure killing psychopathic killing whore
The rich get them fightin mostly farm boys and the poor
Making them think there is a reason they should fight rich mans psycho war

Walked into Hexbelt Joes Drinkin military red mud
Along the Lincoln highway a town
Made of Draco Civil war blood
On a mission here to find the mutant Chronis
Rosie Red Lips and Marc Draco
Wanted by the Blood Moon Clan
Gonna try and get them rejoin my band

Healing Musicians in need
Help for Musicians with Medical Needs

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