seeing only white Going colorblind

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Psychedelic Space Opera. Jakobs Diary, Trance of the Monarch Butterfly. Lionstar Graphic Novel COMIX

Jakobs Log Entry 768Gtcolorwhite8

768Gtcolorwhite8 The Nebulons of the Outerstellar 67th Galactic Nebulon Cosmic Templars have suggested to the Supernatural Spiritual Force of the Intelligent Star of how to possibly stop Racism on Planet Earth between the human race. That Luciferian Hate Virus “Racesin” seems to be spreading quickly again. There are 22 dangerious viruses the burning star Lucifer spread throughout Earth to make them mentally sick and dangerous to the well being of Earthlings. This is one of the worst.   It’s been spread on many planets throughout the Galaxies and spreads like wildfire when not under control. Used to create a slave forces on Earth to build cities and do the labor mostly by black Africans brought to America by the mind control drug extract “Shocking Blue.” Also known as Burundanga the Devils Breath.  An incident on Earth happened during WWII when the Nazi’s threw the Jews into ovens and tried to destroy them all with Genocide. Wishing all humans to be white with blue eyes and blonde hair and obey all commands from their demonic leader Hitler. Racism or Race-sin is on the move again the virus the disease is spreading fast like a brain eating amebae consuming thoughts destroying minds like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth with Rabies. The souls of Racists gone  Rabid foaming out lashing out with gnashing teeth.   FREE song download FREE use

The Angel Of Death Josef Mengele who is still alive taking youth drugs in America along Hitler is now secretly behind the scenes at the White House controlling the strings of government pushing us towards a new 4th Reich Fascists pure white state again with help from the Antichrist the Yellow Carrot Puppet and Lutin the novichok Chef and along with the NWO New World Order of the Bloodline Rulers.  D. C. is soon to be renamed Luciferington D.C by the NWO Blood Lines. 

The Nebulons are proposing sending a blinding White Light Arone Wave to Earth which will cause all human eyes on Earth to become color blind with the only color they can see is white.  Everything will be white. Humans will only be able to see the color white. They will be white. The planet will be white. The sky will be white. All trees, plants, insects and animals of the wild and pets will be white. Every living thing on Earth will be seen White. Will this help to stop the new Racism currently going out of control again? The Nebulons think it could have an impact. But, many of the Blood Moon Clan Elders say it won’t work that humans will find something else to hate. Hatred is a drug, a Virus spread by the Luficferians and the NWO Blood lines since humans first set foot on that pale blue dot planet called Earth. Many humans love the Hate. The destructive force makes them high and Luficerian Virus puts a blindfold around your mind where you have no free will and only sees what it wants you to see. What it’s programmed to want you to see and hear. The only way to destroy the hate, destroy the virus the Blood Moon Guild believes is to destroy the virus with the Siren Songs of Supernatural Minstrel Gears of the Blood Moon Guild can do. Capturing the Virus with a Siren Song exorcism where as it listens it moves into the lake of fire following the beautiful sounds of a Blood Moon Siren singer following the voice like the singing Sirens in Greek mythology the virus moving into the lake of fire where it can be put into quarantine……… I’ve been summoned by Intelligent Star lead this band of Siren Singers in a mission to trying and stop try and quarantine the Hate soon for the Yellow Carrot Puppet and Luten are preaparing the Haarp Opera their Siren Singing to sing around the world at night while eveyone sleeps, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly” a song in the making for decades, a microwave mind control song now singing from  Alaska…… Jakob Lemy Zook Supernatural Gear. Music Medic of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. Jakob’s Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.

Enter the psychedelic Blood Moon Song Vault…… FREE song downloads. FREE use. Listen……….  Attribution Required… Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar, or reference web site – Thank you, Lionstar

Lenny Wiles Lionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan

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