Supernatural Gears Glossary Of Terms

Jakobs Diary, trance of the monarch butterfly

by Lenny Wiles Lionstar

Angel Mod. Celestial Green Flower Children from Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos are sometimes referred to as Angel Mods because of their colorful clothing and flowers decorations they wear like the flower children of the 60’s. Term mostly used by human supernatural gears on earth.

  • Ancient Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild. Once part of the Templars from Europe the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild separated from the Templars during the dark ages when the Templars became corrupt with coin glutton greed and disavowed their previous vow of poverty.
  • Supernatural Minstrel Gears. The Supernatural Gears belong to the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild who once traveled through Europe as traveling minstrels. The Guild is now centered in Hex County PennSYLTranSYLVania as referred to by the Amish because of the blood drinking Reptilian 9th sector Drac activity in the area. The Dracs came settled in the area after the great battle of Gettysburg. During the battle they go out at night into the battlefield where the cries of dying soldiers laying in the fields could be heard as they drank their blood.
  • Luciferington ( Washington DC’s new name by the Antichrist ) Lutin the Russian Drac and the Orange Carrot Puppet have taken control of the U.S. government. Most of the members of congress are either dead or in lock up. The 9th sector Dracs who are shape shifters show up on TV as imposters who look like the former Congressional leaders.
  • Monarch Mind Control. Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Deaths eugenics and youth drug program going on. Experiments being done by rogue doctors both human and Reptilian in underground bunkers and tunnels throughout Hex County coming up through the Mason Dixon Line area from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Military base in Maryland extending to Harrisburg Pa mental institution to the 7 gates of Hell in Hellam to the Raven Rock Military base in Pennsylvania.
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse. Mostly used in the Project Monarch experiments on children. Abusing victims to create split personalities to create Manchurian candidates or super soldiers for mind control for non-lethal and lethal warfare and Assassinations.
  • New World Order. Bloodline rulers going back through history for thousands of years. A secret society of human rulers. Some are Human/Drac/Reptilian hybrids. They live and rule in the world in the shadows.
  • Haarp Electronic Mind Control. The Haarp unit in Alaska was developed during the Star Wars program. Their are now smaller units in steeples of churches and other building throughout the world but mainly in the U.S. It is used in mass mind control and as a weather weapon. The Haarp microwave siren singer sings to sleeping humans at night putting thoughts in the minds of humans for mass mind control. The Supernatural Gear Siren Singers and exorcism musicians are confronting the Haarp singing machine in what is known as a Grand Opera in the theater of Mind Control called The Experimental Trance Warfare Zone. ETWZ. An Opera called “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” Haarp and this ongoing Opera will play a major role in the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm in which all counties touching the Mason Dixon line region will succeed from the American Union beginning in New Eden, Pa forming a new nation called The Angel Nation Of Heavencan. The Mason Dixon line was drawn by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon two Anuannaki’s from the planet Nibiru also known as Planet X. They posed as English surveyor’s. The Astronomer’s set up a Cordinance line using the stars for the arrival of the massive Starships now landing and assembling at the Alien Landing Field in Apollo Park in Brogue, Pa. Massive starships cloaked hovering over top of each other awaiting the arrival of the Perfect Paranormal Storm and confrontation between the Angel Lucifer the New World Order and The Supernatural Gears merging of a colliding Parallel Universe with Earth.
  • “Adrenachrome” Youth drug part of Project Monarch a drug developed by Joesef Mengele the Nazi Angel Of Death still alive living among the Amish in Lancaster, Pa going by the name Dr. Green.
  • Melting The Psychic Permafrost. A technique both electronic, pharma and psychic to melt the permafrost which surrounds the outer brain aura to penetrate deep inside what is seemingly frozen supernatural brain waves to unfreeze and connect to them. Sometimes this can be seen as Ectoplasm streaming from a person’s mouth or nostrils as the person may look like they are in a Trance. This can be good or evil depends on how the connection is made and used.
  • Bohemian Grove. Satanic Ritual meeting place of the New World Order bloodlines and Reptilian 9th sector blood drinking Dracs who engage in Luciferian rituals of Satanic Ritual Abuse mostly using Children. The 6th sector Dracs oppose this ancient ritual which involves drinking of human blood and sacrifice and have disengaged from the 9th sector Dracula’s. They are now allied with The Supernatural Gears.
  • Alien Steel Greys. The Alien Greys are the classic aliens you see all the time with the insect eyes portrayed in movies and print.
  • Reptilians Drac Vampires. The Reptilians got their name Dracs or Dracula’s because of their blood drinking and shape shifting activities. Bram Stoker who knew of the Dracs based his vampire novel Bram Stoker on the blood drinking Reptilian. Just like the Vampires of myth the Reptilians who are real can shape shift into different animal and human forms and drink the blood of human victims.
  • Anunnaki. Aliens from the planet Nibiru also known as Planet X. A hidden planet in our solar system.
  • Nephilim. Alien Giants who came to earth and mated with humans who later became the Susquehannock Indians who were later destroyed by the Paxon Boys causing the extinction of the Nephilim Susquehannock Indians.
  • Captain K. Captain K went to Mars in the early 60‘s in the secret space program.
  • Laura Magnalene Eishenhower. She was also a traveler to Mars in the secret space program.
  • Area 51. Alien crash site and underground rogue military base involved in human eugenics experimentations.
  • Crop Circles. Circles left behind during alien landings usually in farm areas.

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