Burundanga Devil Duster Trance

Burundanga Trance Drug

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly science fiction music

DEVIL DUSTER… Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm Luciferian song from the Space Rock Opera, Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. MAXIMUM Guitar distortion. 60 guitar overdubs. A Devil Duster uses the Burundanga dust which is blown from the hand when entering homes to trance victims and put them in a trance immediately. They are awake and asleep at the same time fully awake but asleep and will listen to any suggestion. If told to kill someone they will do it. The Martian Werewolf Sex Trafficking ring uses the drug to abduct children for their sex rings. They show up at peoples houses posing as photographers blow the dust into victims faces when answering the door. They let them in. They following any suggestion and will have sex for the camera’s for illegal porn films. Victims developed retrograde amnesia which last up to eight years before any memory of a rape or illegal sexual encounter has occurred. Some victims are driven insane because of strange memories that they cannot explain because of the effects of the drug. The Nazi Angel of Death Dr. Josef Mengele used it as a truth serum drug. Josef Mengele is still alive taking the youth drug Adrenochrome. ( Google it ) Tranced sex films sold to the one percent elites and the NWO International Crime Organizations and Reptilians 9th sector Dracs to distribute mostly on the dark web where they sometimes torture and kill victims on what’s called the Cybernetic Killing Floorshttps://youtu.be/URa6U8k52sg ) for paid costumers, pedophiles and sexual predators paying up to $15,000 to watch torture and murders on the Dark Web. Families in the HEX county region which is ground zero for the Martian Werewolf trancer Clan, if residents of the county were to do a DNA test would find that neighbors upon neighbors Kids would not be theirs but the Kids of their Neighbors next door. All made for their strange movies. http://jamen.do/t/1497985 – Lenny Lionstar – Song to be featured in the 2020 Lionstar Operatic Graphic Novel Episode, “She Came From The Celestial Green Forest Of HeavenCan. Keep tuned in……..2020 Episodes, Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. Based on a true? story? you be the judge. Song Vault http://jamen.do/a/503956

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