Demonic Nation Of The Damned

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Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly

Trumpet Templars and the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm

Conspiracy SPACE OPERA. Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. Log Entry: 876-02-2020

Conspiracy SPACE OPERA. Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. Log Entry: 876-02-2020
The humans are moving into constant media and global conflict.
Endless wars, worship of money and over the top evil greed from the rich camel head needle people, hatred of the poor, hatred of the human middle class with the rich elites of the NWO bloodlines and a new Dictatorship destroying democracy and the rule of law, taking away workers money while giving corporate welfare to the rich who don’t need it, taking away food and shelter from the sick and poor, letting sick people suffer and die without helping them, making fun of the disabled, glorification of guns and violence all the while the infected sucking up to psychopathic leaders. Letting the Environmental Coin Gluttons poison their own kind for short term profit poisoning the air, the rivers, the seas. The list keeps growing.
This is turning the humans into a Demonic Nation of the Damned which will not end well. The Luciferian hate Virus is continuing to rapidly spread. America seems to be dying from within. The Supernatural Gears from the 13th dimension are now Turning spinning head winds into a powerful Perfect Paranormal Storm called Wormwood hurling towards Earth from the deep cosmos of space combined with the Spiritual worlds of the Intelligent Star. We’re trying to warn as many humans as possible in the keeping of the Blood Moon Guild oath to prepare as many as possible for the impact of Good and Evil colliding right into a Parallel Universe then smashing into Earth. We’re now witnessing the Welcoming of the secret New World Order coming out into the open as predicted by the Guilds’s Quantum Mechanics. For some it will be a brutal journey as they are ruthlessly tortured and killed and pushed into the afterlife. For those who survive it will become a Hell on Earth ruled by a psychopathic Antichrist Drac Dictator currently known as the Orange Carrot Puppet a Drac Imposter and the Russian Drac known as Lutin the Poison Chef as they slowly pull their followers who seemed to be in a Draconian Permafrost Mind Melt Tranced minds infected. An infection spreading into a firey realm of eternal hate with infected human sick souls foaming at their souls with hate oozing out like a sick rabid dog lashing out trying to bite people to continue it’s rabid spread. A Luciferian Hate Pandemic. We saw this before during the rise of the Nazi’s when the virus killed 91 million during the last epidemic.
Lucifer continues to put blindfolds around infected minds to continue the disease so they remain blinded by fake news truth is hidden as he hides in sheeps clothing while underneath lies the raving wolf and his allies on the Wolf News Network and the RT network. Reptilian TV in Draconian Russia. Deceived human followers will soon be thrown into locked cages in the Hell realm, sad to do but will be put in eternal quarantine by the Intelligent Star to stop the Luciferian Virus spread from spreading again forever. Along with the Drac Demon Lucifer who will rule the deceived damned in the locked the cages of despair of their own making for eternity which is a Hell of a long time. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears are arriving into the Hexbelt region to practice their supernatural instrument gears for the coming storm when Gabriel blows his horn. Several siren singers have arrived from Angels Snowfires Cosmos Garden and have been sounding off loud trumpet like sounds recently around the world that people hear and are taking notice.
We are now bound here by the ancient oath we took of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. To take the oath of poverty and abide by it so as not to become corrupt with wealth and lose focus of the Supernatural Gears mission as Trumpet Templars. The original Templars gave up their oath became wealthy and lost their focus of watching over the poor. So the Trumpet Templars were formed and broke away from the original Templars going back to the dark ages. To expose demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in planetary societies and in the Alien societies of the Universe. To blow the trumpet horns of warning and truth as told by the truth Angel Amitiel through music pushed and played in a grand paranormal opera by the Supernatural Gears. See the Supernatural Gears site

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