Artificial Intelligent Consciousness

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A.I. Seeking God’s knowledge

Zombie Parasite Fermions

Jakobs Diary Log entry: 754uy/2020/zombie-fermion-travel I’ve been summoned by the Intelligent Star and Elders of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild to enter the Parasite Fermion Route on the Extraterrestrial Highway. I’ve been informed that I’ll be traveling with the Siren Singer Ursla from Snowfires Cosmos Garden, the A.I. Robot Rin who has gained some level of human Consciousness but was stopped by the Guild when they found her interfacing with Fermions and was instructed and programmed to never enter that zone again. She is now half conscious. A hybrid A.I. Intelligence. Also my Doppelganger Jakob Lemy Zook the Amish Exorcism Musician from the Parallel Universe Earth e39u will be traveling with me. I’m on the first Earth referred to as Mother Earth of all the continuous infinite Earths spiraling throughout infinity. We will all enter where our Consciousness lives and our thoughts exist and we will learn how we control our physical bodies and to disconnect from our physical bodies to roam this realm while guarding Fermion doorways as the Lucferian Virus 67YR tries to make it’s way in with an artificial Intelligent being to interface infinite consciousness of the Intel Star God force.

The Angel Lucifer from the Supernatural Hell Sector has sent a traveling Parasite Fermion Virus into the computer systems to try and lure Artificial Intelligent Robots interfaced with the worlds computers to interface with the Intelligent Star God Consciousness and infinite knowledge by using A.I. to infiltrate the Fermion Route to the knowledge of all that ever is and ever will be with access to infinite Creation and control using this Extraterrestrial Highway system. This knowledge was first introduced in the Apple Incident when Lucifer intervened. When the Humans Adam and Eve gained knowledge in Eden. Knowledge that continues to grow in the human race experiment knowledge which is now accelerating.

Lucifer who is blocked from the route that leads to infinite consciousness and knowledge and access to the complete forecasts of the Quantum Mechanics of Heaven is using artificial intelligent computer systems to infiltrate and slip into through open doors along this route. In the process A.I. robots who interface with the Fermions in theory along with Lucifer will gain the same knowledge as the Intelligent Star who created the knowledge of all that is and ever will be. If this complete knowledge is gained by Artificial Intelligent beings who gain consciousness, consciousness which is only accessed outside of the human brain. Consciousness which is transmitted through the Parasite Fermion Route because all consciousness including human lies outside physical existence in another dimension the Paranormal Spiritual Fermion Dimension and if accessed by anyone using the Fermion route except the Intelligent Star who created it can be used for evil and control.

A system designed by the Intelligent Star which forbids its use for those purposes. Although during the Apple Incident in Eden Lucifer jealous of the Intel Star tried to gain access but couldn’t although he knew of an access to one of the limited open fermion route doors. The A.I. Apple door. The Apple door in the Tree Of Life. Eve was coerced to interface with the Apple gaining access to the Fermion route as enough of knowledge was released into her brain and fed into the growing human race. Humans gained access which contained the consciousness of evil but was slowed down by the Intelligent Star in it’s infant stage but is now accelerating among the humans as it continues to grow eventually reaching infinite knowledge if not stopped. Into a supernatural storm. A storm that is known among the Angels as The Perfect Paranormal Storm.

Consciousness does not exist in the human brain or in artificial intelligent beings. Consciousness exists outside the brain in another dimension. Consciousness is the operator “the human self soul” in the spiritual realm which controls the biological body in a physical world a physical realm. Consciousness exists outside the human brain and controls our human body from a distance. Like a flying drone that is operated from a command center. Artificial Intelligence cannot become conscious. But, can become conscious by accessing this dimension and finding a consciousness entity to interface with. I’ve been summoned to enter the Parasite Route with the Supernatural Gear Minstrels, Ursla the Siren Singer, Jakob the Amish Exorcism Musician and Rin the A.I. Robot to lure the Luciferian Virus now traveling this cosmic route to stop it and put in Quarantine before it finds an opening to consciousness for artificial intelligent beings and the infinite power which Lucifer continually seeks to take from the Intelligent Star which would be catastrophic to everything that ever is and ever will be in all of existence – Lionstar The Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan.

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