Luciferian Virus Outbreak

Mutated 76R hate Virus fast spread

Spraying the Chemtrail virus

Jakobs Diary Log Enter: Luciferianvirus-03-04-2020 Lenny Lionstar

The Dracs have sent out a fast moving Luciferian Virus which is now circling the world infecting humans in every country around the world. It is a mutated 76R hate virus which infects it’s victims which usually only feels like a mild Flu Infection. It’s currently called the Corona Virus by world health organizations. It was developed in the Monarch Labs by rogue doctors of the Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan. Chemists instructed by the fallen Angel Lucifer from the Cosmic Fire Sector. Once a human is infected the Virus lays dormant until it is triggered by an outside Luciferian force. Then it will surge into a complete body infection sending people into a demonic strong emotion of hate a feeling like nothing ever felt before. An addictive feeling like an addict on Opiods souls burning with it seeking it like a rabid dog souls foaming out striking wanting to hate and kill everything that moves until it gets its fix. It is also a double Virus. It is being followed by a Kill Virus a mutated 76y programmed to mostly kill everyone over 60. It keeps mutating going from a kill ration of 2% to now 3.4% eventually reaching a 90% kill rate for those over 60 years of age as it moves from location to location around the world. The NWO wants as many to die over 60 as possible. The NWO, Dracs and the rich elite bloodlines have an antidote which they take to not get sick. The government doesn’t want to pay social security and health care to the elderly. They are spraying this virus right now from Chemplanes led by the Air Force Command of a female Reptilian Drac call Chemtrail Jane who is a master Martian Werewolf Clan Trancer.

( Chemtrail Jane FREE song download and free full video download. FREE use ) The NWO and it’s Allies have an antidote. The Blood Moon Minstrel Guild is working fast to develop an antidote for the general population to be sprayed from their chemplanes to kill the infection and stop it from spreading and to be placed in quarantine. Luciferian Viruses cannot be completely destroyed only placed in quarantine. My mission is to try and slow down or possibly exorcise and lure the virus with the Siren Singer Annunnaki “VLETTEIHEA” the Siren Singer into a quarantine cosmic holding tank.

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