Little Baby Doll Venus Xlatrose A.I. Siren Singer

Little baby venus Xlatros a.i. robot siren singer

The Supernatural Gears Countdown to Singularity

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Traveling the fermion Parasite route to a human body

Your mind is hurling towards a human body from a distant dimension.
You are seeking to find and control a biological human body.
Your consciousness is traveling through a fermion route connection
where you find and enter a soulless body.
You enter. When the body grows you make the body move to the right. Make it move to the left.
Make the hand you control to move. Make the tongue you control to speak your thoughts
communicating through the lips of a human mouth.
Your consciousness has traveled through the universe seeking to control a human body
without a soul. You will become it’s soul and give the body life after its birth.
Give it consciousness. You will become its life.
To participate in a strange lifetime of moveable human adventure on Earth.
You’ve entered and now control the finite physical world of this biological body.
You control the inner and outer movements of this physical human body.
A Supernatural gear force begins to turn in this newborn body you have chosen.
You will grow and walk with it on this planet called Earth controlling
this biological human machine in motion for an average of 77 years.
The real you now in motion. Your eternal spiritual mind from the consciousness dimension merged with the physical who has traveled through the fermion parasite route
of forever and found a movable home. A new body to move around
in motion in the physical world.
The finite world of a biological moving human body constantly deteriorating moving towards death. My consciousness sent on a divine mission.
A Supernatural Minstrel Gear as summoned by the Intelligent Star and
the ancient Blood Moon Music Minstrel Guild. Sent to prepare
for the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm hurling towards earth.
To stand on lifes stage and perform in a grand cosmic opera known
as The Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.
When humans hear the song they will learn the truth of their being.
Their existence.
Beings now in a world of mystery.
Invented Performers on a music scale called life.
When the Minstrel Gear 4 blow the Trumpet horns of Truth through this massive and
powerful supernatural storm surge wave all will then know.
The sonic sound waves of truth will wash over
and change the human Crace as two Parallel Universes merge.
Stay tuned to learn what a human really is where humans came from and are about to go.
Stay tuned for the great adventure you as a human are about to experience
led by an extraterrestrial and spiritual force known as The Supernatural Gears – Lionstar, The Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan.

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Lionstar operatic graphic novel space opera. copyright. all rights reserved.