Lionstar N’ Blackie in Beatlemania of Heavencan

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Video with song movie soundtrack Llionstar n Blackie in Beatlemania of Heavencan. The new Beatlemania movie being made on Planet Nibiru by the Nebulons in connection with Out Of This World motion picture studios. Movie is about the little known secret 4 day Beatle Space tour on Planet Nibiru in 1964 where the Beatles played to huge Nibiruian crowds of screaming hysterical fans. John Lennon was a supernatural minstrel gear and a member of the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. I was there during that historic event. Estimate of over 3 Trillion Aliens watched them play at Centretaius Statium as it was broadcast across the Universe. The Fans on Nibiru went completely wild! More Beatlemania than even what happened here on Earth.
I was asked by Count Zadar Von Liquid Ott to write an Instrumental song for the movie soundtrack andi upcoming LP Out Of This World. Listen here. FREE download. Vocal version is in the works. Me and Blackie have a cameo in the movie. The movie is to be distributed on Planet Nibiru
( Planet X ) only and certain theaters throughout the Galaxies. No scheduled showings for Earth yet. Not until Earth makes contact with the Nebulons which is coming soon. Stay tuned for the fun!!!!

Out of this world new online LP in progress. Download songs now as they are being produced and written in this ongoing series… FREE

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E Li La Lay O Style! Great song to listen to while driving to work in the morning. Great to listen to while grocery shopping. I listen to it all the time while shopping at Wal Mart.
Last but not least its a really great song to dance to at that wild and crazy party you might be having. Really gets the party going. Follow the steps in the video of Spidey dancing or do your own thing! Click to get now and lets get the party started!

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