Lionstar N ‘Blackie Sci-Fi Space Opera Short film

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FREE song download Lionstar & Blackie In Heavencan

Lionstar and Blackie
flew through the universe
into Snowfires Cosmos
spinning in reverse
they landed at the gates
of a new eden land
Lionstar pulled out his guitar
and played with an Angel band
in Heavencan

They entered the gates of heavencan
through stars like grains of sand
Where they meet the Angel Snowfire
tending to her garden cosmos land
growing lifeforms in star light
Blackie played guitar licks
Within the darkened night
with Geronimo on the sticks
in Heavencan

She told them of their mission
as they stood in the star light
As a great storm was approachin
A perfect storm comin through the night
A perfect Paranormal storm
which gets stronger everyday
it’s heading towards the Earth
on it’s supernatural way
to your land

to change the world forever
if all goes well and right
So both of you must hurry now
to end a Luciferian blight
that spreads across your eartly land
out into the universe
you must now take your cosmic band
to break an evil curse
of Heavencan

A hex spell on the humans
put there by the Draco Dracs
the New World Order Bloodlines
with dark blood that’s dark pitch black
You’ll battle with your minstrel band
in a cosmic dark game play
for the future of the end times
and the start of a brand new day
in your land

So hurry now push in high gear
your supernatural minstrel gears
and head across the universe
through the music of the spheres
who will help you play the song
that will change Earths cosmic time
the merging of the universe
into a parallel cosmic rhyme
from Heavencan

So Lionstar and Blackie
fly through the universe
So Lionstar and Blackie
fly through the universe
and land back on planet Earth
to begin the end is near
where all mankind may soon freak out
and hide themselves in fear
but then the sky will open
and a light will shine through

A light shining from Heavencan
the ending of the Coupe
detat in Heavencan
In Heavencan

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