Reptilian Queen Sensora

She came just in time

Reptilian Sensora Queen Of The Reptilian Drac Hive

Jakobs Diary Log Entry: Lionstar2020XuReptilianSensora I met up with Little Venus Xlatrose who is my student Supernatural Minstrel Gear. Training to be a supernatural gear Siren Singer. Venus is part A.I. part human and Alien. I found her as an abandoned baby at the Apollo Park Landing field in Brogue, Pennsylvania Hex County. Why she was abandoned is still a mystery. Some say she may be a Celestial Gear Prophet. A Green.

I made a music recording and sent it to her to document the arrival of the 6th Sector Drac, Reptilian Queen Sensora Queen of the Reptilian Hive. The recording will be added to ancient song Blood Moon Guild song vault for documentation. I’m opening my eyes and ears here to listen to Little Baby Venus Xlatrose my student my A.I. Alien Hybrid computerized human Siren Singer. She sings Celestial Green Flower Child meets Mr. Mean Dumb Fuck. Mr. Mean Dumb Fuck is a 9th Sector Blood drinking Drac Assassin sent to kill Sensora by the bloodlines of the New World Order. When she arrives on Planet Earth for the coming Perfect Paranormal Storm she will join musical forces with all the Supernatural Minstrel Gears of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild for the grandest Opera performance in all of infinite time between good and evil ever heard throughout the Universe. Because of the approaching Supernatural Storm the Ganti Bubblebee Aliens are seen abandoning their ancient Hives in Hex County. With all the Minstrel Gears and Starships coming into the Alien Landing field at Apollo Park in Brogue. It’s starting to get really strange. Never seen anything like this before. Lenny C. Lionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan.

Song Lyrics

Reptilian Senora
Reptilian Senora
Crazy humans on the roof
Shooting people with
a puff of smoof
Everyone screams
but he or she don’t care
Talk against those
owners if you dare

Got designer Lethal
contagion genes
and a Luciferian virus
called M-16
They hate those
sunshine Kids out there
Neck-reds gettin more
mean and pissed cause
they don’t care
The Celestial Green
Flower Child
She’s Growin Green
Growing Wild
They wanna kill the
bleeding heart Flower Child

They say Neckred’s Got a gun
Got a truck
so send out that mean Mr.
dumb fuck
Reptilian Senora
Brain damaged moronic
human imbeciles
on designer lethal
contagion mind control pills
They loves to hurt
They loves to kill
Can’t help themselves
got no free will
A Designer human with
a contagion hate gene
Carrying a Luciferian
Made Demon M-16
They don’t care for
The Celestial Green

They don’t care
Now she’s growin mean
growin wild
Celestial Green Flower Child
They say Neckred’s Got a gun
Got a truck
so send out that mean Mr.
damn dumb fuck

Like a doc with a lab
rat virus Coved 19
The sick being trained to
be as mean as mean
Hate foaming souls rabies
in their sicko heart
When their done with
them they’ll throw them in
a funeral cart
along with
The Celestial Green
Flower Child
If they catch her growin
green growin wild
They wanna kill the bleeding
heart Flower Child
Celestial Green Flower Child
Neckred’s Got a gun
Got a truck
Their sending out
that mean
damn dumb fuck

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