Hillbilly Universe

Hillbilly Universe – Gus Bodine Trapsworth N’ the Hillbillies Of The Universe live performance the HEXabaloo Jam with Lenny Llionstar on Phantasm Blues Harmonica


Jakobs Diary Log Entry: Lionstar2020XuGusbodine-hillbilly_universe. Blue Noise HEXabaloo Jam in HEX County with the Supernatural Gears Gus Bodine Trapsworth and the Hillbillies Of The Universe. Gus asked me to play the Blues Harp on this jam. Had a great time jammin with Gus and his Hillbilly phantasm band. What a magical night of sound event by the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. For FREE song downloads enter the ancient song vault…. free song downloads. free use under creative commons license

Announcer Host Lionstar live at HEXabaloo: Open your eyes and ears and tune in now for an Out of this world experience! The Blue Noise HEXabaloo JamComing live to you from the Brother Sirius Zomba Room from the cornfields ofHex County Pa

Tonights guest Gus Bodine Trapsworth N’ The Hillbillys Of The Universe performing their two hit songs Hillbilly Universe and Strange World!
And, The Minstrel Gear 4 with a special peformance from the Galactic Center on Planet Nirbriu performing their song Lionstar and Blackie in Beatlemania from the upcoming movie!
And so happy to have Little Venus Xlatrose the A.I. computerized hybrid human alien with a special podcast and she will also sing her version of the Byrds classic hit song Turn! Turn! Turn!
Your host Lenny Lionstar Broadcast before a live virtual audience on over 5 billion stations around the Universe. Open your eyes and ears and tune in now for an Out of this world experience!

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Podcast includes Little Venus rendition of the Byrds song Turn Turn Turn!

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