Alien Accapella Girl on the Extraterrestrial Highway


supernatural gears music minstrels
Gang stalking, Road Ragers and roof pounding. Road Rage is fairly new being used. Classic Monarch experimentation techniques along with Satanic Ritual Abuse for mind control development on experimental victims. Nazi’s developed much of this stuff under Dr Josef Mengele (he’s still alive in conspiracy reports) the Angel Of Death using the Devils Dust known as Burundanga for trance control and also was involved in developing youth and eternal life drugs in the child death camps in Germany. He was brought to America along with over 800 other mind control and life extension scientists during War World 2. Now working with Adrenochrome an extract from the adrenal glands of scared children which extends life and produces euphoria in users. Scary stuff these people are still involved using rogue doctors and scientists in the deep dark tunnels and underground iron gate cells of the NWO.

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