A Luciferian M-16

Jakobs diary, Trance of the Monarch Butterfly

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A Luciferian Made M-16

Merica! Neckreds got a gun Video

Crazy humans on the roof
Shooting people with a puff of smoof
Everyone screams but he or she don’t care
Talk against those owners if you dare
Got designer Lethal contagean genes
and a Luciferian virus called M-16
They hate those sunshine Kids out there
And their getting more mean and pissed cause they don’t care
The Celestial Green Flower Child
Growin Green Growing Wild

Wanna kill the bleeding heart Flower Child
Got my gun got my truck and I’m a dumb fuck

Brain damaged moronic human wing right imbeciles
on designer lethal German made contagean mind control pills
They loves to hurt loves to kill
Can’t help themselves got no free will
A Designer human with a contagean hate gene
Carrying a Luciferian Made Demon M-16
And they don’t care for
Celestial Green Flower Child

like a doc with a lab rat virus givin Coved 19
Their sick but being trained to be as mean as mean
Hate foams from these souls sick with rabies of the heart
When their done with them they will carry them off
in a funeral cart
Cause they don’t care for
Celestial Green Flower ChildMeet the Supernatural Minstrel Gears

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