Killer Drac Clowns infiltrate York Hex County

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On Halloween night. Nothing like an uninvited Clown Guest showing up at your party dancing with a chainsaw! Happy Halloween Friends, Fans and Fiends! Clown Dracs, if they show up at your house don’t open the door and let them in. They will bite your neck and drink your blood or saw your head off and drink your blood which ever comes first unless you give them a Marshmello Angel Popsickle treat…………Trick or Treat! LOL! CAUTION: REAL CONCERN that is not so funny. Some of these scary looking Clown Dracs were seen running throughout cornfields and peoples backyards in York Hex County a few years back on Halloween. Remember that? Again if a Clown knocks on your door do not open it. Have a fun spooky Halloween Friends, Fans and Fiends but remain cautious. There are weird things going on here in HEX County. Out of this world things……… Scary things………

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