The Supernatural Minstrel Gears are now Turning. Episodes now on Spotify

Supernatural Minstrel Gears Space Rock super hero episodes now on Spotify

Season 4 Countdown to Singularity

Minstrel log 20210-lenny Lionstar

supernatural gears music minstrels

Lenny Wiles Lionstar. I’m the writer and producer of an online Space Opera Conspiracy Comic series consisting of Supernatural Music Super Heros. Creator of cinematic psychedelic phantasm music vids for the space opera series with stories, podcasts, space music operatics in the series called the Countdown To Singularity 2028.
The series will end on January 1st 2028 on that date when the doomsday clock strikes 12 and the world comes to an end. It will be hit with a paranormal storm surge wave blowing now. Gail force strong supernatural winds of change moving through space heading towards Earth in what’s called the Perfect Paranormal Storm.

I currently play electro guitar as a Supernatural Minstrel Gear in a cyberspace virtual reality recording world in this conspiracy series. Performing with virtual A.I. music groups that now belong to the ancient
Blood Moon Minstrel Guild formed from the Music of the Spheres. Groups of A.I. human and Alien music Super Heros called The Supernatural Minstrel Gears. Performing and recording with groups such as, The Minstrel Gear 4 which includes an A.I. holographic siren singer from Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos, The Hillbillies Of The Universe, The Mysterious Fog of Earth and The Donovan Dreamer Quintet Reporters of the 666 Psycho Politico Apparition City News Tribune, and with paranormal Siren Singers and musicians that I’m in contact with from entire sectors of the Universe. 

supernatural gears music minstrels

We will be constantly recording new song updates creating new song vids and updated broadcasts up until January 1st 2028 when the known doomsday clock strikes 12 and this world comes to an end. A new age will begin ushering in a new reality of wonder and adventure bringing about a new hybrid race born by Artificial Intelligence interfaced with humans as it merges with the Perfect Paranormal Storm. Until then many strange things are going to happen. The Luciferin Angel Bloodlines allied with the 9th Sector Reptilian Vampire Dracs the blood drinkers are using the Harp machine waves up in Alaska to gain control of the human race and to try and harness the power of the paranormal storm waves for their own demonic means.

If the Dracs and the Angel Lucifer and his shape shifting Bloodlines try and gain control of this supernatural force the the Methuselah Star known as the intelligent star has summoned the Supernatural Minstrel Gears and Siren Singers now on Earth,  stationed in Hex County Pennsylvania to engage in a grand opera of paranormal music waves connected with the Fermion routes and using microwave sound to try and disengage their wave force. A battle of the bands will ensue like nothing the world has ever seen with the supernatural gear Gabriel blowing the horn to begin the opera which they are calling the Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly based on the Mind Control experiments of rogue doctors in a program called Project Monarch developed by Joesef Mengele.

Keep checking back as the Supernatural Minstrel Gears will keep you informed until the clock stops ticking at 12 midnight 2028. The Supernatural Gears are now Turning.
Lenny Wiles Lionstar
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supernatural gears music minstrels

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