The Holy Water Squirt Gun!

SPACE ROCK – SPACE OPERA Jakobs Diary, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” Somethings Going Down In There ( Area 51 Roswell ) Listen……. Song from the Cattle Mutilation Human Amputation in the Monarch House Of Pain online Cyberspace LP. Listen……. Season 1. Episode 2. Space Bugs & The Holy Water Squirt Gun Jakobs […]

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Lucifer’s Lust

Space Rock Space Opera: Lionstar Graphic Novel COMIX ( Lucifers Lust n Haarp his Electro Beast listen see video………. FREE song download ) Season 1. Episode 1. Doppelgangers n Sin Eaters Jakobs Diary Log Entry: Lucifers-Lust-987YU2019Luciferian76: Received a message from the Alien Luciferian burning Star Draco Angel Lucifer. Warning me to stop the […]

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Phasers On Stun

SPACE OPERA, Jakobs Diary, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” Blood Moon Song Vault. FREE song download. FREE use personal or commercial. Attribution Required. Reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar …….. Their Looking At Your Soul Through & Through. Song from the new “Phasers On Love Stun Space Opera LP” by Lionstar & Blackie Drac. Jakobs Diary […]

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Trump impeachment

 Even if he gets impeached the country is going to be weaker for some years to come. The damage is already done. But, we have learned quite a bit from this debacle. The Russians are all through the American system now, in Congress ( look at how they act? not normal somethings going down there […]

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