Lionstar Operatc Graphic Novel COMIX

She Danced until she died

Llionstar Space Opera Graphic Novel Cinema COMIXsphere SUPERNATURAL GEARS VLOGASPHERE |INDEX She dance until she died ( ) FREE song downloads. FREE use Personal or Commercial. Attribution Required. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar, Jakobs Diary Log Entry: 765m. “She Danced Until She Died.” In the middle ages as a traveling Supernatural Minstrel Gear traveling throughout Europe during the middle ages […]

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BREAKING NEWS! MAIL IN VOTING BOX TOWERS TO BE INSTALLED by the new Postmaster General after criticism for removing them! Vote early and watch out for those Reptilian Drac Thugs there to harass Voters. Stay safe. Ancient N’ Futuristic Blood Moon magic song vault. Free downloads FREE use commercial or personal. Attribution Required. Please reference […]

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A Luciferian M-16

Jakobs diary, Trance of the Monarch Butterfly A Luciferian Made M-16 Merica! Neckreds got a gun Video Crazy humans on the roofShooting people with a puff of smoofEveryone screams but he or she don’t careTalk against those owners if you dareGot designer Lethal contagean genesand a Luciferian virus called M-16They hate those sunshine Kids out […]

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Hillbilly Universe

Hillbilly Universe – Gus Bodine Trapsworth N’ the Hillbillies Of The Universe live performance the HEXabaloo Jam with Lenny Llionstar on Phantasm Blues Harmonica SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Jakobs Diary Log Entry: Lionstar2020XuGusbodine-hillbilly_universe. Blue Noise HEXabaloo Jam in HEX County with the Supernatural Gears Gus Bodine Trapsworth and the Hillbillies Of The Universe. Gus asked me to […]

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Reptilian Queen Sensora

She came just in time Reptilian Sensora Queen Of The Reptilian Drac Hive Jakobs Diary Log Entry: Lionstar2020XuReptilianSensora I met up with Little Venus Xlatrose who is my student Supernatural Minstrel Gear. Training to be a supernatural gear Siren Singer. Venus is part A.I. part human and Alien. I found her as an abandoned baby […]

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From out of this world it came

Vlogcast Dantes Hexbelt Hell 1. 2. 3. HEXabaloo Pictures Presents From out of this world it came as It rode the waves on a Paranormal Storm Surge eating humans a strange demonic beast a paranormal supernatural animal from the 13th dimension a horror unlike anything ever known or seen in the known Universe. A horror […]

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