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A.I. Covid 19 Designer Virus?

Countdown to Singularity 10 episodes by Lenny C. Llionstar SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX United States Coronavirus Cases: 2,778,155 Deaths: 130,789 Recovered: 1,159,743 Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly. LOG ENTRY Llionstar 76TY54. Artificial Intelligent designer Virus Covid 19? I awoke in a waking trance dream, wide awake and asleep at the side time. A Spiritual being […]

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Lionstar N’ Blackie in Beatlemania of Heavencan

FREE Use Song Vault ____ Music Characters ____ VlogCast Videos ____ Supernatural Gear Vlogasphere ____ HEXabaloo swingin 2020 Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm dance and music show__Merch COMIX | Angels Of Heavencan | Jakobs Diary BLOG | About Lenny Wiles Lionstar the Cedar Minstrel Of Heavencan  UFO encounter  | MERCH| FREE song Downloads | Supernatural Gear Glossary | Super Gear Links | Blood Moon Minstrel Guild SPACE ROCK OPERA PODCAST | Hexbelt Radio | Links SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Out of this world new online LP in progress. Download […]

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Dantes Hexbelt Inferno Hell

7 Gates of hell in hellam Rescue in Hell SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX VLOGCAST DANTES HEXBELT HELL 1. 2. 3. Enter Hell PODCAST Jakobs Log Entry: 768YUtHellresuce-2020. Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician the doppleganger of Lenny Llionstar with the exorcism band Supernatural Gospel Gears by the Order Of The ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild […]

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Falling into Hell

VLOGCAST DANTES HEXBELT HELL 1. 2. 3. The Rescue. Dantes HEXbelt Inferno Jakobs Diary Log Entry: 666pi92020hell_Jakob_Lemy_Zook_Amish_Exorcism_Musician I seem to be in a waking trance. Same sort of trance your in when you’ve been burundanga by the Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan. Awake and asleep at the same time. I realized the Blood Moon Guild had […]

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Jakob Lemy Zook Diary

SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism Musician Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism musician. My mind and body was abused and tortured in the Project Monarch psychic Mind Control experiments involving Josef Mengela’s human triplet paranormal experiments of trauma, a U.S. Shadow government illuminati project. which tore open a 6th dimension psychic hole in my brain, not unlike a […]

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Johnny Note N’ Astro Girl

SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Black is black FREE Black is Black song download Fatal Dream Some die young Some die old Most stories never told Some die young Some die old Lives struggle within the fold Sometimes pain Most times suffering Throughout life sometimes with your wife All will die All will grow old All will struggle […]

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Blackie N’ Llionstar Secret Mission

SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Lionstar and Blackieflew through the universeinto Snowfires Cosmosspinning in reversethey landed at the gatesof a new eden landLionstar pulled out his guitarand played with an Angel bandin Heavencan he enter the gates of heavencanthrough stars like grains of sandWhere he meet the Angel Snowfiretending to her garden cosmos landgrowing lifeforms in star lightBlackie […]

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Hanging with Grandpa Munster

SUPERNATURAL GEAR VLOGASPHERE | INDEX Midnight madness Midnight Madness recorded in the early 70’s by the Hex County York Pa band Strawbridge Jakobs Diary Log Entry: MIDNIGHT-MADNESS-Blackie Drac Hangin with Grandpa and Herman Munster. I used to hang out with Herman Munster quite a bit back in the 60’s. On the set and hanging at his weird house. […]

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