Log Entries – Jakobs Diary, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.

Duammarki and his Siren Singing Birds Of Orion
Chromium Space Rock from the Space Opera 7 Cyberspace LP “Cattle Mutilation Human Amputation in the Monarch House Of Pain”
Space Opera Pslam 9:6 Episode. Sermons From The Electric Church FULL Cyberspace LP. Lionstar Operatic Graphic Novel COMIX – Lenny Wiles Lionstar
Splendor Grass acoustic deep tuning instrumental phantasm song from the Space Rock #7 LP
Walrus and The Carpenter
Reptilian Statue Found in Hex County Pennsylvania in the old Bat Cavea.I. Humanoid. Brand New Sex Toy

a.i. Robot Sophia

She Used to Love Me Celestial Flower Child Dream

I Can Hear The Supernatural Guitar Tuning

Black Veild Woman On Mars

Going Mutant