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The Intelligent Star – Star that is older than the Universe. The Star that created all life forms in the Universe and the Music of the Spheres. The Supernatural Minstrel Gears we’re born from the music of the spheres.

Alien Love

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Snowfires garden of cosmos

Running with Angels

Jakobs Diary, Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.

Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos. Female Angel Vocal Version By Robin Sparrow  FREE song download FREE use under creative commons license

Saphire Horns Golden Garden Of Cosmos (Intrumental) FREE song download. FREE use under Creative Commons License

Secret of the Stars
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“Experience This” Original Quasar Light Vinyl LP recording DOWNLOAD
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Heaven is a place. FREE song download. FREE use under creative commons license

Oh Yea We’re All Going to Heaven FREE song Download FREE use under creative commons license

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Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos. Angels Of Heavencan. When I had this artistic sci fi pic of Adam and Eve being created by the Intelligent Star with song on my music Facebook page they banned it. Sent me an email they were blocking it. Only I could see it. It’s strange how Suckerberg has agreed to let advertisers post political fake news and fake ads which truly affect people’s lives but will ban an artistic photo of the human body which most humans have one if their alive. Why is the naked human body so offensive and why are they afraid of the naked human body that believe it or not God did create without clothes. Ok, to see human bodies getting mutilated in war and heads pulled off in video games and so on. But, show it artistically and that’s an awful thing. Only in America both in the Muslim world and Organized religion do they believe looking at the naked human body is bad. Go figure. Seems weird to me. But maybe I’m the weird one and should support seeing heads being pulled of their necks blood squirting everywhere. It’s just a penis and vagina and most humans have one and without it there wouldn’t be any humans on Planet Earth. 99 percent of all people on Earth have have used those sex organs God put their on their body, and the other one percent who claim they never did anything with those organs are lying  – Lionstar,

Snowfires Garden Of Cosmos FREE song download FREE use under creative commons license

Still Believe FREE song download FREE use under creative commons license

Doctors without borders. make a donation now. help save a life

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Ectoplasmic gear

HEXabaloo Pictures

lionstar graphic novel comix
SPACE OPERA. Lionstar graphic novel conspiracy comix. Hexabaloo pictures. copyright all rights reserved

Musical SY FY, FANTASY AND HORROR Space Opera. Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm

And The Gods Made Love – Hendrix